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Avaldsnes  og  Bukkoy

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The little island Bukk°y is an idyllic island in Karmsundet.
The walk from the parking to Bukkoy is approximately 20 minutes, 10 minutes on graveled road.

Here you may study the buildings that are copies of viking houses that once was built, and lived in, in the area.

You may also wander around at paths in the wood, have an ice cold bath or pick up a cache or two.

In walking distance from the venue

There are a limited amount of space for boats to tow.

Handicaped and in need for parking closer to the venue? Please contact us in advance!

It will be possible to buy food, both viking dishes and modern food.
We will provide flames for barbequing if you choose to bring your own food.

Toilets: Yes
If you are using a wheelchair, please give us a hint before the event.


Your dog is welcome, but must be kept on leach at all times, as wild sheep are grassing in the area.


Nordvegen historiesenter (history center) gives the attendees 50% off on the entrance fee for film and exhibition.

The archeologists are digging for the Kings Manor of Harold Fair Hair. There will be a guided tour, read more in the program.

The medival Olav's Church might be occupied by a wedding. If not, there might be a guided tour here too.

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